NEA Transitioning from V2.0 to V3.0

New Earth Army is saying Farewell to our amazing front woman, Carly Foster!
The past 5 years has been a dream to perform, write, and create alongside her. New Earth Army has seen several changes over the years. NEA V1.0 consisted of a 4 piece guitar driven funk-rock with Carly, Mike, Chavis, and Rigel. NEA V2.0 saw the addition of Ben and Josh on Sax and Jacoby on drums as NEA began to lean more heavily on funk and jazz rock influences. Now we transition into NEA V3.0. Who knows what form the funk/rock/blues band will take as we begin the fluid process of recreating our sound by absorbing the influences of our new members. Stay tuned for TONS of new music and a fresh spin on the old as we dive headfirst into NEA V3.0!

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