NEA Transitioning from V2.0 to V3.0

New Earth Army is saying Farewell to our amazing front woman, Carly Foster! The past 5 years has been a dream to perform, write, and create alongside her. New Earth Army has seen several changes...... Read more

NEA Hosts 4th Annual RevFest!

New Earth Army is hosting the 4th annual Okaloosa RevFest on April 2nd! We can’t believe how much our little event has grown over the past few years. We have 15 amazing bands sharing the...... Read more

New Earth Army’s NEW Recruits!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of TWO amazing full time NEA members: Breyson “Boogie” Robinson on Drums and Matt McCarty on Sax! These guys have been sitting in with NEA for the... Read more

NEA Endorses Inearz!

New Earth Army is THRILLED to announce our Endorsement of Inearz Custom In-Ear Monitors! Inearz makes the highest quality CIMs at an amazing price! Excellent fit and finish with even better sound and... Read more

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