Hottest show EVER!!!

And we MEAN it!  Saturday night at KC’s was a blazer!  We had another awesome opening set by John (big thanks!!!).  We were also pleasantly surprised to find out that 99 Rock was covering the event, live at KC’s!  We set up our gear with a fury so we could rock out a quick 3 tunes for the 99 Rock crowd, followed by a short interview with our fearless leader, Carly.

We couldn’t ask for more.  People were dancing and grooving, despite the 1000 degree heat and 150% humidity.  We made some new friends and had a blast!  Now we are looking forward to our (self proclaimed) long awaited Tallahassee premier this Friday at St. Michael’s Pub.  Carly and Mike will be reunited on stage with our good Tally friends the Popheads, for what is sure to be a memorable evening of funky, jazzy, bluesy, psychedelic rock!


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