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New Earth Army — Action
Release date : Jan. 19, 2013
Label : New Earth Army Productions
  1. Action
  2. Blues Supa' Fly
  3. Widow's Walk
  4. Auntie Vigil
  5. Low Tide
  6. Jeffersons
  7. Charisma
  8. Tears
  9. Mirage
  10. Mighty Sisyphus




Beachcomber Cover 1-19-13New Earth Army

The debut full-length album from Beachcomberland’s own funk masters is framed around Carly Cermak Foster’s jazz-infused vocals. “Tears” is a standout, at points reminiscent of Billie Holiday and definitely the type of tune one could envision Lady Day embracing. New Earth Army does a lot of genre hopping, but they manage to bundle it all together in a package that is uniquely them.

– Nikki Hedrick
The Beachcomber

NEA - Action CoverGreat groovy, funky Jam-Band.

This new funky, groovy and dynamic Jam-Band brings a lot of freshness and soul into your daily routine. They always make the sun shine and put a smile on your face. Great instrumental work with an exciting female voice. Keep it up!
– Ralf (Germany)
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