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Title : Musikizinew
Release Date : May 30, 2014
Format : CD



The New Earth Army has teamed up with Emergent Recording and Production House to create its second full length album, “Musikizinew”! Since the release of the band’s debut album, “Action”, NEA has evolved from its pure guitar driven roots while keeping the jam spirit of the original band alive. With the addition of a new drummer and two saxophones, the band has begun to groove in a whole new way.
The three original members, Carly Foster (vocals), Chavis Hobbs (guitar), and Michael Flatau (bass) have been working constantly to write new, original music, and the addition of Jacoby Jackson (drums), Joshua Zook (alto sax), and Ben Johnson (tenor sax) has taken their creativity to the next level, which is evident in the recording of “Musikizinew”. Carly’s powerful voice leads listeners on a journey of musical exploration through several genres including funk, rock, blues, jazz, and reggae, all while experiencing a fresh take on funky beats and chill grooves, as well as a wide range of harmonies and sexy hooks from the horn line.

Beachcomber Cover 1-19-13New Earth Army

The new album shows off NEA’s jazzier side, highlighted by the addition of a horn section. Songs like “My Favorite Game”—a track inspired by the fruitless adventures of Nintendo’s Mario—gives a peek into the band’s fun personality. From soulful ballads to hints of funk, Musikizinew perfectly encompasses the band.

– Nikki Hedrick
The Beachcomber

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